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16 thoughts on “Contacts”

  1. Why can I only buy so many vehicles before it says there are not enough slots in Farming Simulator 17????

    1. I wonder if it is possible to get the mod “MOD MOUSE STEERING” to fs17? Thank you

  2. can you guy get some bigger direct seeding implements like bourgault morris or seed hawk. Most common in north america and the game has none of them available.

  3. Bonjour,

    j’ai une question que personnes ne pense LOL, le mod Manual Ignition quand thèse que vous allez le mettre ? parce que se mod me serre beaucoup plus que les mods que vous êtes entrains de faire pour le jeu fs 17.
    version fs 15 Manual Ignition 4.1.2 LS . et la version fs 17 !!!

    serrai assez cool que vous en chargiez assez vite Merci.

  4. I can you make a timberjack with grapnel for the wood? :)) and a excavator with grapnel for load de trucks thank you so much Bonjour, pourriez-vous faire un mod de timberjack possedant un grappin et une excavatrice equiper dun grappin pour charger les camions a bois merci beaucoup

  5. Wondering if we could get a 379 peterbilt semi with straight pipes and a drop visor that would be sweet… love the game so far..

  6. bonjour

    quand pensez vous qu’ont puisse trouve le mod pour fs17 de la Krone Ultima CF 155 XC merci

  7. Hello, I want to upload a mod (amazone 15m condor direct seeding) as I can do? Download and convert seeder

  8. I want to remove trees from FS17. Can someone convert FS 15 bruk too FS 17

  9. hello guys,i know you have a lot jobs but can you do a small mod for me and i be happy,in fs17 not enought mods like fs15,but all i need is -fallow me – mod who been in fs15 and i whant in fs17,i dont need enything else only this mod…thanks

  10. Hi can anyone tell me if there is a way I can set up a starting budget for my son for his FS 17 game which he will get for Christmas
    Desperate mother
    Ps he plays the game on the Xbox one console

  11. Looking for some one to drop a bad ass chevy durmax and a f250 king ranch little lift on it for the console and a gooseneck trailer and a truck with seeds in it for around the farm maybe even a gooseneck with lights and the ability to tie stuff down

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