Courseplay – 4.01.00124
Run the game Left hotkey CTRL + Delete

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Thomas Gärtner, Satis

What is this mod use for

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22 thoughts on “COURSEPLAY for LS17”

    1. Actually it DOES work “somewhat” It is NOT the official release just a port of the fs 15 mod and it will work for silo to market and shop to farm type jobs but not for combi off loading etc

    2. Hi, it works for me. You might want to check your key bindings to see what to use to activate the panel.

    3. I have just downloaded it and it works fine for me.. Activate the hud by pressing the right button on mouse

  1. Works fine for me.. But whit some small issues. When saving a route you will have to use enter because te savebutton is greyed out.

  2. WOW! Amazingly this works! I assumed it would be months (or never) till an authorized version came out… so happy this is out fast an after testing it out, actually works.

    There are some minor bugs, and some English files are missing, but the main functions are there and working.

    Good job!

    1. Yep. Seems like they are in no rush to finish this mod 🙂

      Unfortunately they have now closed the source for this mod because of this leak so this will be the only version available for some time I guess.

  3. Just realized that “Fruchtumfahrung” (crop avoidance) still doesn’t work.
    Otherwise fine 🙂 Thanks for the mod! And by the way, I’m looking forward to the coming “crops & cattle”.

  4. When using this version/mod etc, i accidentally clicked the seed calculator (when setting up to plow a field) it opens a window for the seed calculations but gives you no way to close it and the rest of the courseplay-U.i. is gone when you click on the seed calculator, so short of having to be forced to restart your game i dunno how else to get rid of it if u accidentally click it when trying to click on the calculator that calculates the width of the tool you have attached its easy to accidentally click the seed calculator. any suggestions would be helpful.

    1. after reading statements above, i cant wait for the 2017 version to be released by the original creators, since FS17 has more functionality i’m sure courseplay-17 will too!

  5. When I right click to open the courseplay panel, do something with it, then close it, it messes up the internal cameras of any vehicles. I thought I was seeing things, but it was my character’s teeth.
    It sets the camera just a bit backwards and not in the exact position.
    Saving, quitting and reloading gets rid of this. You won’t notice until you get inside a vehicle and sit in your character’s position.

  6. Sehr sehr viele Bugs gerade auf Mod maps. Es kommt teilweise sogar zu Spiel abstürzen.
    War ein guter Gedanke doch leider noch zuwenig ausgereift.
    – Wenn man zwei Arbeiter gleichzeitig einstellt stürzt meistens das Spiel ab
    – Kann mann leider nicht beim sähen mit einer Kombiesähmaschine verwenden stürzt auch das Spiel ab

    Bitte nicht herunterladen läuft nicht richtig und kann dir deinen Spielstand vernichten

  7. Funktioniert soweit. Gibt zwar ein paar kleine Bugs, aber generell zu den anderen Kommentaren hier läuft es bei mir stabil und das Spiel stürzt nicht ab.

  8. My virus protection software stopped this from downloading it picked up several threats so WILL NOT be downloading it or anything from ever again and that is what I think of this mod bye

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