Drive Control 4.10 with colored icons FS 2017

DriveControl-Mod now also extends LS17 modular with many small features such as configuration, key and enhanced features for CruiseControl. Mod consists of modules that can be switched on and off independently.
The fact that the Giants still one or another function in LS17 directly assumed I could clean the whole something.

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upsidedown, Srgt_Foxhound

What is this mod use for

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    1. He probably used google translate. Either way, most of these mods originates from [German site] so don’t be too dazzled if everything isn’t perfectly english 😉

  1. Jason – Your English grammar is very poor, I can barely understand what you have typed.

    Asero – He probably used google translate. so don’t be surprised if documents aren’t written in perfect English.

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