Russian traffic for Farmer Simulator 2017 LS17

It’s nice to see native cars and trucks in traffic. This mod will help you to include Russian cars in traffic. Here is a visual demonstration of what is included in the Russian traffic for Farming Simulator 2017 (Russian traffic pack).

The order of installing the Russian traffic mode for the Farmer Simulator 2017 is written in a text file inside the archive. However, we still tell you how to replace the standard traffic in Russian. To do this, open the downloaded archive and copy the folder ” RussianTrafficPack17 ” along the path: C: Program Files (x86) Farming Simulator 17 data vehicles cars (this is the default path to the game.If you installed it on a different drive, Will be somewhat different).

Next, if you want to completely replace all standard traffic in Russian :

Go to the folder from the ” Full Replace ” archive and copy the map01_trafficSystem.xml file (for the Goldcrest Valley map) or the map02_trafficSystem file . Xml (for map Sosnovka) to the following root directory: Farming Simulator 17 data maps
We advise you to make backup copies of the files map01_trafficSystem.xml and map02_trafficSystem.xml so that you can return everything as it was, if something goes wrong, or If you want to return the standard traffic.

If you want, in addition to the new technology, the standard remains , then replace the same files, only from the folder ” Supplement “.

That’s all, now on the maps you will have Russian traffic. It will be represented by the following types of domestic vehicles: ZIL, Kamaz, Krasy, ambulance, trucks carrying bread, GAZ, VAZ: 2106-2110, DPS cars, Niva Chevrolet, MTZ tractors, Gazelles and others (more detailed list of added cars, You will find in the archive). They have lighting equipment.

Changed by Guron :
“Added a speed of about 43 km / h and increased the range and volume of the sound, and then how the silent ghosts passed by.” In this version, you can only make a complete change of traffic (files in the folder “Russian”)

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