Same Pack FS19

Same Pack FS19

Small tractor suitable for use between rows of vineyards and orchards.
Same Vigneron / Frutteto
Price: 10000 €
Maximum speed: 27 mph
Power: 60/75 CV
Rim color configurable.
Available in vigneron (62 and 75) and frutteto (60 and 75) versions.

Same explorer:
Price: 45000 €
Engine configurations: Explorer 60 (60 HP), Explorer70 (70 HP), Explorer 80 (80 HP), Explorer 90 (90CV).

Lamborghini Grand Prix:
Price: 45000 €
Engine Configurations: 674-70 (70 HP), 774-80 (80 HP), 874-90 (90 HP).

Other configurations:
Hooks: Weightless, with weight (480KG)
Rim color selectable
Front loader

Trelleborg: standard, wide, narrow
Lizard: Iron wheels for rice fields (it is recommended to remove the mudguards with this tire option)
Fenders: No, only front, only rear, both.

Added 2 new models, Same Explorer and Lamborghini Grand Prix.
Added flashing and front loader configuration on Vigneron and Frutteto.
Improved Vigneron / Frutteto lights.

Fixed some bugs.
Added explorer and grand prix cabin design configuration.

Added 4 new models:
Same Laser (medium and large frame).
lamborghini 1×06 (medium and large frame).

Same medium frame:
Price: 38000 €
maximum speed: 40 km / h
Engine configuration:
Laser 110 (110 HP)
Laser 130 (130 HP)

Same big frame:
Price: 45000
maximum speed: 40 km / h
Engine configuration:
Laser 150 (150 HP)
Galaxy 170 (170 HP)
Laser 150 open pipe (165 HP)
Galaxy 170 open pipe (185 hp)

Lamborghini medium chassis:
Price: 38000 €
maximum speed: 40 km / h
Engine configuration:
1106 (110 HP)
1306 (130 HP)

Lamborghini large frame:
Price: 45000
maximum speed: 40 km / h
Engine configuration:
1506 (150 HP)
1706 (170 HP)
1506 open pipe (165 hp)
1706 open pipe (185 hp).

Corrections on Same medium and large frame models and Lamborghini medium and large frame models:
Corrected small visual errors
Corrected speed needle
Corrected steering in iron wheel configuration.

Fixed rear lights and refueling issue on Laser and 1×06 models.

Added front linkage on laser and 1×06 models.

Black eyes modding
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