Irgendwo in Thuringen 2 v3.1.0.1 LS 19

Irgendwo in Thuringen 2 v3.1.0.1 LS 19

# Fix Precision Farming DLC ​​Ready
Additional fruits registered
Own BodenArten card “No Standard”
# Fix warehouse yard1 and yard3
No new savegame required!

#Powertools MAGSI shovel tipping speed, fixed
#Powertools Elmers Haulmaster, config fixed
# Butcher, production and prices adjusted, now more profitable
#Weinberg, basket volume increased for better productivity, guarantees GC / Seasons compatibility
#Vintner, productivity changed under seasons (summer / autumn was swapped)
#Seasons GEO adjusted, M + fruits
#Meadow 61, fixed grass deposit
#Weinberg, organic waste heap fixed
#tipColi bunker silo courtyard 1 and courtyard 4 fixed
#Seasons Economy adjusted
#latitudeSeasons changed
# Fertilizer factory, liquid trigger fixed
# Juice factory, water trigger fixed
#Biodiesel category fixed
#Pferdeweide Muntscha, animal pen extension trigger fixed
#Productions adapted / revised
#Sell Adjusted / Revised
#diverse small bugfixes / adjustments
# Löffler now also accepts elephant grass (community request)
# Storage bulk goods hall courtyard 1 and 3 capacity increased) (community request)
#Horse grass silage can now be stored on yard 1 and yard 3 in the bulk goods store
# Precision Farming DLC ​​Ready
(Additional fruits entered)
(Own BodenArten card “No Standard”)
No new savegame required!
No more up-coded download. Use the original link!

Kastor, LS19, D-S-Agrarservice, new card and no end in sight?
You read that correctly, the D-S-AS is also launching a solid map for the LS19!
You know your way around on the “Somewhere in Thuringia” for the LS17, you are familiar with every corner and every field, you think nothing more will come. Then hold on to your hats and strap your boots to your feet.

Reloaded, warmed up, expanded … we can’t get into the bag. The D-S-AS presents the brand new, real replica and with great attention to detail
Somewhere (real) in Thuringia Part 2
!!! 4-way style !!!
We have spared neither expense nor effort, neither sleepless nights nor annoying family members to exclusively give you a brand new map full of fields and forests.
The elevation model, the fields, forests and roads have been created using the available Google Earth data for the region and also

expect you among other things
• 121 buyable plots (for the new rich)
• 60 fields of all shapes and sizes (for small and large, young and old)
• 40 forests (for all woodworms, chainsaws and ponsers)
• 16 meadows (not only for vegetarians and flower children)
• 5 sales points (on which the wealth grows)
• 3 lakes for water extraction (water mermaids are said to have been sighted)
• 2 purchase points for fertilizer, seeds and lime (nothing matters from nothing)

The whole thing is garnished by 3 small villages and an AI traffic that does not stop you, but also does not tolerate strolling! We all don’t have time
The angles have also been adjusted (32 instead of 2), because who has always only worked 45 or 90 degrees
You can manage everything from a total of 5 farms, strategically distributed and 4 of them with attached BGA. A logging yard does not need a gas drive
All courtyards are already equipped with halls in advance, sensible or not, but enough space to expand and to be creative yourself
There are also storage options for the individual fruits, so no wish should be left unfulfilled.

The card is of course suitable for and designed for MP, but in the SP it is not only a lot of work but also just as much fun.

Yes, and we also know that our comm is demanding and is not satisfied with simple farming. Let me tell you all that there will be more things to manage, process and let off steam …
as soon as the scripts and options are created.
The D-S-Agrarservice Team and I wish you lots of fun, happy farming and happy farming
MfG Kastor
Last but not least, a few words from my beta test team, which has spent hours and meticulously (with a lot of hop blossom tea and sweat and enthusiasm) trying to uncover all the errors and inconsistencies.

The card is suitable for helpers but by no means ideal for helpers, the streets are narrow and swearing is not a shame. All types of field cultivation were tested, including harrowing, liming and whatever else you hate. It works and even brings something!
!!! Important!!!! New savegame is required.
A few pictures to get in the mood.

Needed mods:

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